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Are you creative? Have you been told you have a good eye and do you have a passion for taking photographs? If so – then this could be the ideal career for YOU!

It is vital to undertake a photography course at a private higher education institution. The reason for this is for you to build the foundations of a successful career: technical skills, practical experience and a professional network of photography industry contacts. 

Studying photography will allow you to expand your skills as you immerse yourself in the subject whilst surrounded by peers with the same passion for imagery.

By studying towards the STADIO Higher Certificate in Photography you will gain confidence as a photographer, learn about all the aspects of the medium and its innovators all while building up a support network of like-minded creatives. 

Photography in this day and age provides the alphabet for an international language that informs all forms of global interaction. If you understand this alphabet, you can create your journey within the new media environment. That may or may not be as a photographer.

Are you still not sure about whether or not studying towards the Higher Certificate in Photography is the right career move for you? Here are 5 reasons for you to study photography at STADIO:

1. There will always be work.

Unlike many other career paths, photography is one that will always be around, and there will always be a need for professional photographers. Even with so many people having digital cameras these days, there are still some shots that only the professionals can get, and if you have the right training, you can be the one to get those great shots.

2. You are not tied down to a desk all day long. 

Some people are just not suited to working a regular nine to five job, sitting behind a desk and feeling like they are wasting their lives.

Does this sound like you? If so, photography may be the career choice for you. You will constantly be on the go; this all depends on what type of photography you end up getting into. You might even do a little bit of traveling.

3. You can make a lot of money. 

Depending on the type of photography you are interested in, and how good you are at executing your images, you can make a pretty good income from photography. And, if you decide to be a freelance photographer, you can set your rates. Of course, you should be practical, and don't set rates that are so high that you will not get any clients.

4. You can set your own hours. 

If you don't like working regular hours, photography is the ideal career for you! With photography, you may have assignments at all hours of the day, and depending on who you work for, or if you are a freelancer, you may be able to pick and choose your assignments, so you only work the hours you want to.

This is awesome for people who happen to be insomniacs and prefer to do most of their work during the wee hours of the night. If you are a night owl, it is a good idea to get into night time photography.

5. You get to be as creative as you want.

In most regular jobs, you do not have much of an opportunity to get too creative. When you are a photographer, you are an artist, and it is the role of the artist to be creative, is it not?

If you find that you can relate to any of the above point and it makes you excited about your future, you should seriously think about becoming a photographer, and you can let your creative juices flow.