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Economists are predicting a revival in tourism post COVID-19. If you’re an outgoing person and love working with people in a competitive and service driven environment, a career in tourism might be the perfect fit for you.

Whether you're a school leaver or a career changer, a Diploma in Tourism Management at STADIO can help get your tourism career off to a flying start. 

Why study tourism? The reasons are almost limitless, but here are 5 of our favourites:


1. Skilled tourism workers are in high demand

Tourism in South Africa is recovering quickly following COVID-19. There is a high demand for skilled, reliable and motivated workers throughout the country. Employers need committed, passionate and qualified professionals to join their tourism businesses. If you tick these boxes, you stand an excellent chance of being employed when you graduate.  


2. Tourism is a lot of fun

Regardless whether you end up working in adventure tourism as a tour guide, in a travel agency, or in any other sector of tourism, the chances are that you will have tons of fun. These occupations tend to attract outgoing, fun, travel-obsessed people. You will be surrounded by many like-minded souls and you make plenty of friends. 


3. You get to make people's dreams come true

Many people travel to live out their dreams of seeing exotic, beautiful places. When you work in the tourism industry, you can help people make their dreams come true. You will play an important and rewarding part in their overseas adventure, from welcoming them as they arrive at the airport, booking their accommodation or taking them on a guided tour. 


4. You will meet people from all over!

A career in the tourism industry is a great way to meet people from different nationalities. You get to learn about different cultures and listen to a number of languages – all in the name of work!


5. You will get one step closer to working abroad

Do you want to work abroad one day? Maybe you want to embark on a fixed-term working holiday in the country of your choice, perhaps America or even Europe? Is the idea of working on a cruise ship appealing? If you want to see the world and work at the same time, the Diploma in Tourism Management at STADIO will be your ticket to your end destination. 


Are you enticed by what you’ve read? What are you waiting for! Apply now at www.stadio.ac.za or email [email protected]