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STADIO is a multi-campus higher education institution with a national footprint, as well as hosting a number of student support centres in South Africa and Namibia. STADIO endeavours to widen access to top quality higher education and highlight the importance of equipping graduates with accredited qualifications that are recognised by industry. STADIO Holdings acquired the following six private higher education institutions (PHEIs): AFDA, Embury Institute for Higher Education, LISOF, Milpark Education, Prestige Academy and Southern Business School.

STADIO has consolidated SBS, Embury, LISOF and Prestige Academy to form a single registered private higher education institution which is known as STADIO (Pty) Ltd, consisting of the following five faculties:

  • Arts and Design

  • Commerce, Administration and Management

  • Education

  • Law

  • Science and Technologies

STADIO offers a variety of academic and career-focused undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications through both contact and distance learning modes of delivery.

The following vacancies are currently available at STADIO:

Senior Lecturer: Accounting (Gauteng Campuses)

STADIO (Pty) Ltd is inviting applications for the position of Senior Lecturer: Accounting. The person can be expected to work from any one or more campuses in Gauteng.



Lecture relevant subjects in Accounting

Teaching and Learning

  • Teaching (Blended Contact) and Assessment (Marking and Moderation)

  • Quality Assurance

  • Student Support and Success

  • Curriculum development, review, and transformation



  • Accredited publications

  • Thought leadership

  • Research for teaching and learning

  • Postgraduate supervision

  • Postgraduate study


Academic Citizenship

  • Community engagement

  • Industry liaison

  • Internationalization

  • Peer liaison

  • Institutional involvement

  • Academic Leadership (including mentoring and staff development)



  • Personal & professional development


Programme Coordinator for the BCOM in Accounting

Programme design
Quality teaching and learning, relevance of curriculum including graduate skills and attributes for the 21st century and the world-of-work

  • Monitoring the programme's academic quality, coherence, and integrity

  • Ensuring the educational and academic integrity of the overall programme

  • Setting programme objectives and ensuring that they are met

  • Creating mechanisms that further the objectives of the programme

  • Ensuring that the programme is coordinated effectively according to its objectives

  • Ensuring that the content of the year is properly aligned with its objectives and outcomes

  • Ensuring that the objectives and outcomes of the programme are consistent with the module/ course objectives and outcomes and are reviewed annually

  • Ensuring full horizontal integration within the programme including all aspects related to students, staff, resources and facilities, overall course content, educational methods, and assessment practices

  • Admission requirements (development and implementation thereof)

  • Ensuring entrance criteria for the programme are set, implemented, and reviewed

  • Teaching methods and delivery of the programme

  • Monitoring that the methods of teaching are appropriate and relevant for the students on the programme and match the objectives and are suited to learners achieving outcomes

  • Manage the module coordinators to ensure coherence of the programme

  • Ensuring equivalence of provision across multiple sites of delivery

  • Ensuring that all conditions for delivery of programme met including logistics and other day-to-day matters

  • Monitor and oversee effective resolution of all student enquiries and matters that relate to co-ordination of the programme

  • Assessment and moderation practices

  • Monitoring programme outcomes, as well as module and programme results throughout the year at a programme level for all cohorts

  • Monitoring and intervention regarding at-risk students

  • Monitor programme retention rates (roll-overs and returning students)

  • Monitor programme-wide moderation of the modules in the programme


Programme quality assurance

(including ensuring that feedback from student surveys, moderators reports, Stakeholder Committees etc. are fed back into the curriculum improvement) and engage relevant role-players for improvement initiatives.

  • Cyclical Programme Review, as well as continuous improvement

  • Conduct benchmarking and external environment scan of the programme nationally and globally

  • Reviewing the programme and providing feedback with view to improvement

  • Assist in ensuring that appropriate staff, programme, and course evaluation processes are in place

  • Ensuring that appropriate steps are taken to identify and address programme areas for improvement

  • Monitor and track programme cohort statistics and link findings to programme review cycle

  • Responding to programme-wide student concerns and feedback


Financial management of the programme:

  • Provides input for the monitoring of expenditure and managing resource allocation

  • Advises regarding the acquisition of relevant academic material Professional development of academic staff

  • Providing mentoring and support to staff who teach on the programme

  • Engage staff in appropriate scholarly activity related to the programme

  • Keeping up to date with developments related to the programme

  • Industry liaison and networking

  • Establishing, scheduling and Chairing the Stakeholder Programme Committee

  • Promote participation of external moderators and guest lecturers from industry for specific modules

  • Participate in the Module Stakeholder Committee


Possibly Academic Manager at Waterfall Campus:

  • Leadership and Management

  • Be responsible for the implementation of academic strategy and policy at a School level on a specific campus

  • Be an active member of the Academic Committee on the campus, as well as the relevant School committee(s)

  • Implement the student support initiatives on campus in line with the Student Support and Success strategies

  • Responsibility for the programmes and students

  • Coordinate delivery of programmes of the School offered on campus

  • Work closely with Programme Coordinators (PC), Discipline Leaders (DL) and Module Coordinators (MC) to ensure the effective roll-out of the programme on a campus level

  • Liaise with the Academic Administration Services on campus to facilitate the effective delivery of programmes at a campus level

  • Handle student queries relating to the programmes offered on campus

  • Coordinate orientation and induction programmes on campus in collaboration with the PCs


Quality Assurance:

  • Ensure all academic activities are carried out to the highest possible standards and put in place the necessary evaluation and monitoring procedures to ensure compliance and improvement at a campus level

  • Coordinate the implementation of the assessment strategies of School programmes on campus

  • Comply with data analytics, auditing, quality assurance and risk management procedures both internal and external

  • Liaise with the Faculty Quality Assurance Manager (Ashleigh Cohen) for the purpose of implementing quality policies and processes

  • Responsibility for the student experience

  • Coordinate the implementation of student support initiatives in modules and programmes at a campus level, in collaboration with the HODs and PCs

  • Monitor student success across programmes offered on campus and work closely with the Unit for Student Success to address challenges

  • Assist with the implementation of improvements emanating from student/programme evaluations

  • People management

  • Ensure that STADIO HR policies and procedures are implemented

  • Take responsibility for the performance management of all lecturing staff from the School on campus and ensure that staff performance is managed appropriately and in a way that is consistent with the expectations of STADIO

  • Participate in the development and implementation of workload allocation and ensure that fair workload allocations are implemented

  • Provide effective leadership, management and mentorship to lecturers linked to School programmes on the campus

  • Engender a culture of excellence, co-operation, and respect on the campus. Act as communication channel for School communication on campus


Financial Management:

  • Comply with STADIO's financial regulations and act as approver of campus expenses relating School budgets

  • Participate in the identification of the academic budgetary needs for the School at a campus level


Student Governance:

  • Manage conflict and deal with student complaints related to School academic programmes where applicable

  • Ensure that the students' voice is included as appropriate on campus and for quality assurance purposes


Minimum Requirements:

  • Experience with lecturing in a blended contact environment, using electronic learning management systems as well as video conferencing, like MS Teams, Google Meet or Zoom

  • Relevant industry experience in business, ideally a member of an industry board with relevant designation (SAICA, SAIPA, etc.)



NQF 9 in Accounting - recommended

NQF 8 in Accounting - minimum


Key Attributes:

Excellent attention to detail

Excellent analytical skills

Excellent English language skills

Can do attitude

Passion for education

Ability to work under tight deadlines


Assumption Date:  01 January 2024

Closing date for applications: 10 April 2023


Applications: Candidates wishing to apply for the position are required to:

  1. Submit a letter of motivation, concisely detailing interest in and individual suitability for the position.
  2. Submit a concise CV without attachments.
  3. Clearly indicate which position they are applying for in the header of the email.
  4. Please note that:

In terms of the Company policy for appointments and promotions, preference will be given to candidates who will enhance the diversity of the team and contribute to employment equity within the Company provided that the competencies and minimum requirements for the position have been met.

All applications will be treated as highly confidential. STADIO Higher Education reserves the right to not fill this position.

Should you not hear from STADIO within 2 weeks of the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful.