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STADIO libraries play a vital role in supporting the teaching, learning and research activities of students and staff on the campus.


Here are some key features and functions of an academic library:

  1. Resource Collection: The academic library houses a vast collection of books, journals, periodicals, research papers, theses, dissertations and other academic materials related to various subjects and disciplines offered by the institution. The collection is curated to meet the academic and research needs of the campus community

  2. Study Spaces: Academic libraries provide quiet and conducive spaces for students to study individually or in groups. These study spaces are equipped with tables, chairs or study pods

  3. Research Support: Librarians in academic libraries are well-trained to assist students in conducting research. They can help users locate relevant resources, use databases effectively and provide guidance on citation and referencing

  4. Digital Resources: In addition to physical books and materials, academic libraries also offer digital resources such as e-books, online journals, databases and digital archives. These digital resources are accessible to users both on and off-campus

  5. Computers and Technology: Many academic libraries have computer labs and provide access to necessary software and technology for academic purposes

  6. Training: Academic libraries offer training sessions on research skills, information literacy and effective use of library resources


Academic libraries are essential components of the learning and research ecosystem on campus, providing valuable resources and support to students as they pursue their educational and scholarly endeavors.


STADIO Library and Information Resource Centres comprise seven physical libraries located on each STADIO campus in Bellville (Cape Town), Centurion and Hatfield (Pretoria), Krugersdorp and Randburg (Johannesburg), Musgrave (Durban), and Waterfall (Midrand).  Campus libraries offer a collection of printed material relevant to qualifications offered on the campus.  They serve both staff and students in their teaching and research activities.  The libraries also provide student support activities including printing, copying and scanning functionalities, and spaces to conduct group meetings, study, attend online classes.  There is available wi-fi with full Internet access to all students and staff while on campus.  The libraries all have computers and students can attend online lectures or complete coursework, or to use specialised software on the campus.


Academic staff and students have access to eight world-class online academic databases:

  • SABINET (Africa- focussed journals)

  • ProQuest

  • EbscoHost

  • ScholarText

  • Taylor& Francis online journals

  • WGSN (School of Fashion)

  • Juta Law

  • Globethics

STADIO also provides access to the referencing management software, RefWorks.


All services are available online or in-person

  • Online databases training

  • Academic writing workshops

  • Research assistance

  • Referencing explained

All services are available to contact and distance learning students