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The first programme to be offered by the School of Arts & Humanities (SOAAH) is the BA with majors in government and politics, and philosophy. In addition to their discipline-specific learning, students will hone critical twenty-first century skills. The School further aspires to develop ethical and responsible leaders within the African context, equipping students to be public intellectuals and constructive citizens in the African context.

More specifically, the first qualification offered by the School - a Bachelor of Arts - will equip students to be public intellectuals and reflexive practitioners who work for change within an African and international context. The qualifying student will gain insight into the diverse role of the humanities in society and skills for more respectful intercultural encounters. Students will focus on learning analytical skills to understand the African context and to interpret the context creatively. They gain ethical leadership skills that equip them to lead and mobilize organisations and communities towards personal wholeness and societal transformation. Successful completion of the degree will lead to an informed historical consciousness, a solid knowledge of politics, philosophy and economics, and a critical awareness of the factors that shape the life of society. They learn how to locate and critically interpret different sources and to use them in combatting abuse and injustice, to build safe and just communities. The programme helps them become self-motivated life-long learners in the service of humanity. Through innovative learning approaches, the School promotes an inclusive and transformative ethos of reconciliation, equality, justice, and peace.

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