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Have you thought about becoming a highly successful, competent, and sought-after manager? Investing in a management qualification is an investment for life! Read our 5 reasons why you should consider acquiring a managerial skillset.


Organisations, communities, societies, and countries need managers.

Since early times people have acknowledged that individuals, communities, societies, and countries could achieve much more if all resources at their command are well planned, organised, and controlled. However, it cannot be left to fate or luck. It is achieved by persons who possess the skills that enable them to make it happen. Management programmes throughout the world teach and develop the fundamental management skills mentioned above and a diversity of other skills, including communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, negotiation, managing people, and many others. These skills are transferable and, once mastered, are skills for life.


It is a long-term investment.

Suppose you intend becoming a highly successful, competent, and sought-after manager. In that case, investing in a management qualification and learning, mastering, and becoming competent in managerial skills sets is an investment for life. It is the cornerstone for a successful career. It also paves the pathway and provides stepping-stones for career advancement. It leads to career success and personal success, and the satisfaction that you have invested in your worth as a responsible member of society.


It makes it easier to secure desirable employment.

Suppose you are not yet employed. You wish to stand out in the queue lining up to secure worthwhile and satisfying employment or you’re at the bottom rung of the institutional ladder and have ambitions to climb that ladder to the top successfully. In that case, a management qualification and the skills you bring to the negotiating table are the essential ingredients needed to secure that most desired job or step up to the next rung of the institutional ladder.  Employers also consider persons with qualifications to be less risky investments because they have already demonstrated their desire for knowledge and skills, and they have the tenacity, discipline, and grit to achieve what they set out to achieve.


It equips you to start your own business.

You are an entrepreneur with a flair for seeking and identifying those lucrative business opportunities that will enable you to start up your own business and doing so successfully. A management qualification will equip you with the broad set of skills and tools needed to become a successful entrepreneur and businessperson in this scenario.


It teaches you to effectively interact with and manage people.

People are what makes the world what it is. You need to be able to interact successfully with people in various roles that you may have to fill or as a result of the different hats you wear throughout life. Learning to interact with people, manage people, and lead people are considered the most critical skills that managers must possess, and they are also the most critical skills in all other spheres of life. A management qualification coupled with a career in management will develop and enhance your people skills and keep your people skills updated, current and relevant.


  • Compiled by Johan Willemse, Head of the School of Management and Administration