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Deciding on a field of study can be difficult and complex. If you are considering a career in policing, here are 5 reasons that will provide some clarity and direction to assist you with your decision.


Acquire Life-long skills

A policing qualification will equip you with the knowledge and skills to become a better police official and unlock a unique skillset in the field of law enforcement. By continuing study, you keep abreast of changes in the field of law enforcement and you stimulate life-long skills, which remain applicable throughout your career and even after retirement. You can serve the community in various structures of the law enforcement environment.


Advance your career 

By enrolling and acquiring a qualification, students significantly increase their chances of being promoted. The value of a qualification cannot be disregarded by human resource processes linked to promotions. By enrolling for a qualification, you always keep your options open and you give yourself the best possible chance of advancing your career. Maybe not immediately, but inevitably it counts in your favour when you need it.


Unlock opportunities

Qualifications open doors for students. Various careers outside the policing environment require qualified candidates with law enforcement skills.  Companies that specialise in safety and security will readily appoint candidates with formal policing qualifications. You might also be able to start your own business in the field of law enforcement, such as a private investigations agency, security company or a security consultancy.


Job satisfaction

Police qualifications ensure job satisfaction in a field which serves the community. They equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to make the best of their careers. Graduates become better police officials, which leads to more job satisfaction. Qualified members also act as mentors and coaches for inexperienced members and assist them also to achieve their goals.


Be recognised as a professional

The National Development Plan (NDP) indicates that the aim of government is to professionalise the workforce within the SAPS.

When you graduate with one of our qualifications, which range from diploma all the way to doctorate, you become a recognised professional in the field of policing (Law Enforcement).


  • Compiled by Jeanette Smit, Head of the School of Policing and Law Enforcement.