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A Day in the Life of a Web Development Student at STADIO By Kaitlin Craven



I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and have lived there all my life, attending both Chisipite Senior and Chisipite Junior School. My great adoration and passion for IT stemmed as far back as I can remember, from learning the typing fundamentals to creating and designing webpages. I can truly say, IT ignited me, and I am eager to continue developing and designing webpages as well as expanding my knowledge and expertise along the way. The Bachelor of Information Technology in Web Design and Development offers me many opportunities and gives me the chance to cover a large magnitude of IT aspects, from web design and development to information systems, as well as mobile app development!

I struggled finding a university in South Africa offering any IT degrees and when I came across STADIO, I knew that it was the university for me and immediately began my application process. Not knowing much about the university, I planned a visit to Cape Town for the first time to specifically see STADIO and I was honestly blown away by the kindness and helpfulness of everyone. I decided to come to Cape Town because of the diverse culture it being one of the world’s largest tourist destinations, I knew it would always be entertaining.

In March this year, I began my journey and began studying at STADIO, which has been a momentous change as everything in Cape Town is unfamiliar to me. This new journey was particularly daunting; yet exciting due to the extensive opportunities and adventures that await. I have met so many different people as well and acquired some friends along the way, it is safe to say, I have settled down contently and all the pieces are falling into place.

I start each day by waking up with ample time before my lectures to start my housework as I am a very tidy person and like my room in order before I get home from a tiresome day of learning. I walk to campus each morning 30 minutes prior to my lesson, which allows me to get a coffee and be social with students across different courses. The students at STADIO are extremely friendly and outgoing which creates a great atmosphere around the campus, which I adore. Majority of my daily lessons begin between 8am and 9am, in which we usually have back-to-back classes and then a lunch break between 1pm and 2pm. One of my favourite modules so far has been Web Design, as I thoroughly enjoy the design aspect, despite my clear inability to draw. Additionally, I have taken delight in Web Development, we were tasked to create a webpage using html to display wine and the history of wine within South Africa. I found researching the history of wine very fascinating and was beyond pleased with the outcome of my final webpage.

I have a total of four different lecturers, who take me for a variety of subjects in which I thoroughly enjoy. So far, I have encountered a few challenges along the way with certain aspects of subjects in which my lecturers address, to ensure that I grasp every concept. The assignments across the subjects have been very demanding, however I do enjoy the challenge and make sure that I stay on top of my studies.