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As one of Africa’s leading distance learning institutions, STADIO Higher Education boasts a state-of-the-art distance learning platform which has been developed and refined over almost 30 years.

STADIO currently serves more than 20 000 distance learning students and is ready to meet the increasing demand for accredited and affordable distance learning qualifications.

The traditional STADIO distance learning qualifications are offered in the STADIO School of Administration and Management, School of Law, School of Policing and Law Enforcement and at the School of Education we offer a flexible hybrid distance learning mode which provides student teachers with maximum flexibility in pursuing their studies and ensures they have a self-directed, active and engaged learning and teaching experience.  The learning and teaching approach (embedded in each Education module) consists of a series of Learning Events that form a Flexible Hybrid Learning Experience (FHLE). 

Hybrid refers to a range of Teaching and Learning activities that can be either synchronous or asynchronous. Synchronous refers to those activities where the student and the lecturer are together simultaneously, but not necessary in the same place. For example, venue-based lectures, support sessions, practicals and tutorials where some students attend virtually and in-person. Asynchronous refers to those activities where the students can interact and engage with materials, lecturers, and other students independent of time and place.  For example, online activities on the learning management system (Moodle) pre-recorded lecturer inputs, and recordings of live lectures. Flexible means that students have a choice (weekly) of how they learn.  It is the hybrid elements of the modules that give them this choice. Students can choose how to engage with synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning activities.

The advantages of distance learning have become increasingly evident during the COVID-19 lockdowns and even school leavers are no longer intimidated by the prospect of distance learning.

COVID-19 induced remote studying habits have inducted them into a new world of agile learning. Students are more comfortable with learning remotely while, at the same time, virtual learning platforms have embraced technology and fast-tracked to present hassle-free distance learning experiences.

Students’ studies aren’t interrupted by any outside factors and distance learning qualifications are affordable, in most cases less than half the cost of contact learning qualifications.

The STADIO qualification offering provides innovative specialisations to meet the rapid pace and unique challenges within the world of work. Our lecturers are industry skilled and many function within professional careers in addition to lecturing.

Are you are striving for a promotion or considering a career change? Apply for a STADIO distance learning qualification in law, commerce, business, management, policing or education, HERE or email [email protected]


DATE: November 2021 | DISCLAIMER: The content of this blog is accurate at the time of publication. STADIO reserves the right to change the content due to changes in legislation, as well as for market requirements and other reasons.