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Project Management qualifications are highly regarded all around the world because they provide a versatile range of skills for managing change and achieving project goals in any industry or business. As commercial projects typically require a range of resources and stakeholders to be managed, quality project management courses include everything from setting and tracking goals to leadership and risk management. Armed with these specific skills provided in project management qualifications, you can assist both your employee and clients in achieving their business goals on time and within budget, whether you are a project manager or in senior management. 

A Project Management qualification at STADIO, formerly Prestige Academy, will equip you with strong planning abilities, including the capacity to set clear goals and realistic objectives, along with a schedule with specific stages to achieve the project goals. Important aspects of Project Management is budgeting, time frames. A degree in Project Management is highly valued because it will provide graduates with a common language and framework describing businesses and project resources. Successful project management communication is about being in touch with the actual challenges of a project to be delivered as well as understanding the issues within the team who must deliver the project.  Communication is therefore a pillar of effective project coordination, therefore enabling project managers with the ability to clearly define success standards to team members, which in turn facilitates better coordination and consensus.

With the Bachelor of Commerce in Project Management at STADIO, formerly Prestige Academy, you will be equipped to manage all available resources – be it time, money, or labour inputs – to achieve the set goals and meet quality requirements. Furthermore, you will gain the leadership competencies to engage with different stakeholders and motivate your team members to achieve their responsibilities as laid out in the project plan.

One of the benefits of quality project management planning is strong IT skills. The Bachelor of Commerce in Project Management at STADIO, formerly Prestige Academy, provides you with strong computer application skills that you can use at every stage of the project management cycle, from planning and goal setting to budgeting, project execution and adjustment. These skills will be invaluable as you monitor and track the progress of your projects and review complex circumstances and the utilization of resources.

The Bachelor of Commerce in Project Management at STADIO, formerly Prestige Academy, gives you a broad skill set that you can apply to any project. These skills include core competencies such as leadership and planning, to technical skills like documentation and budgeting.

STADIO, formerly Prestige Academy, is a Recognised Education and Training Provider (RETP) with Project Management South Africa (Registration Number 59021000 – Platinum status). STADIO, formerly Prestige Academy, has been awarded Curriculum Recognition by PMSA in line with the aspects of the RETP programme.

STADIO, formerly Prestige Academy, is proud to say that our programme supports the PMSA objectives and standards towards providing tuition, education, and knowledge that underpins the competencies associated with project management at different career stages.

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