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“It was this comfort with being a nonconformist that would define both his science and his social thinking for the rest of his life." - Walter Isaacson – Einstein, his life and universe

I love to read, and I love different subjects. I often find my bed overrun with books as I cannot read only one book at a time.

 The more diverse the reading, the better; even if I do not understand physics or math, I am interested in the story behind the subject, for example, quantum theory. The human side is what matters to me.

How is it possible for humans to be able to think beyond themselves?  My reading then follows into neuroscience and a rabbit hole of other subjects. I refrain from being intimidated by all the scientific names; I read the story behind the subject.

The human one is profoundly satisfying, although I do not understand anything about science, math, or fancy names and I forget historical facts at an astounding speed.

The world plays out as a narrative, a story. Your story, my story, the story of generations of humans, animals, religion, our planet, astronomy, spirituality, and many more.

The story tells the why and how; all our stories are interconnected. I am contradicting the above quote that portrays Einstein as a nonconformist. On the contrary, our greatest gift is our individuality of personality traits, resilience, morals, dreams, ideals, vision, values, spirituality, and other internal characteristics.

When we see the world, we perceive it not as a single entity that we are trying to fit in and getting despondent in the process, but rather to explore, grow, think, fantasize, love, and experience.

The most crucial aspect is to ask questions and not expect an answer; in other words, to explore and grow in life and through life.

Returning to running, be a nonconformist, explore, enjoy, grow, and experience the running process, not the outcome. Refrain from being carried away by how others perceive your running and how you perceive other runners.

Running is a gift to learn and grow.


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