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Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching

Qualification / Course Information

Minimum Duration:

4 Year

Minimum Credits:


NQF Level:





Distance Learning


Distance Learning




The STADIO Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching is a formal qualification aimed at people who want to work with young children in the Foundation Phase of a school, from Grade R to Grade 3.

The Foundation Phase is the first phase of formal schooling in South Africa, and is very important in establishing the basis on which learners will grow in formal schooling. Learners who do well in the Foundation Phase in general will do well in later phases.

The Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching will enable you to promote the child’s social, physical, intellectual and emotional development. It is your care, oversight and attention to detail that will help young children grow to their full potential.



Teaching practice is an integral part of teacher education that provides you with the opportunity to experience the excitement of a classroom environment and contributes to your professional development as a future teacher. Teaching practice is compulsory in the Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching programme. Various teaching practice assessment methods are used during this time to evaluate the student, including reports from the school, the School of Education (SOE) teaching practice assessor, the school mentors, and your eventual Portfolio of Evidence. In addition, the SOE monitors and verifies the placement of all students at schools.
It is the responsibility of the student to arrange for leave from an employer for the required number of weeks for teaching practice in schools.

A student can only commence with teaching practice once the placement has been verified by the Teaching Practice Department of the SOE.

Please note the following:
You will have to spend a minimum of 21 weeks over a 4-year period in schools in foundation phase (Grades R-3) under the supervision of a mentor teacher as part of your studies. You are required to attend the school from Monday to Friday for the full duration of the school day. Transport costs to and from school are to the account of the student.

If you are already employed at a school, your school must meet the minimum requirements for a functional school and your mentor teacher must be suitably qualified. If your school does not meet our minimum requirements or you don’t have a suitably qualified teacher in your school who can act as a mentor teacher, you will have to spend your teaching practice weeks in another school. You are required to provide a letter of employment from the school.

You will be required to video-record and/or audio-record some lesson presentations and post-lesson observation discussions and upload these to the Learning Management System for marking, so you have to ensure that you have a suitable tablet or laptop device with sufficient storage space and data, as stipulated in the Minimum System Requirements section of this Information Pack.

You will receive full details of how your teaching practice sessions will work during the course of your studies. Refer to the teaching practice module descriptions below for more information.



Once you have passed the Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching, you may continue your studies towards a relevant Honours degree. For more information, please contact STADIO.



Out of sight does not equal out of mind at STADIO! 


The Centre for Student Success supports students with academic, psychological and financial wellness.


Student Administration & Support is the first port of call for all student queries and requests, they can channel your requests to the right individuals.


The Buddy programme exists to help first year students to make the transition between secondary and tertiary studies.

Entry Requirements



If you obtained your matric from 2008 onwards:

  • a National Senior Certificate (NSC) with:

    • a minimum of 50% in four 20-credit subjects; and
    • a minimum of 50% for English Home Language or a minimum of 60% for English First Additional Language; and

    • a minimum of 50% in Mathematical Literacy or a minimum of 40% in Mathematics; and

    • 25 APS points (excluding Life Orientation) OR

  • a National Senior Certificate – Vocational Level 4 (NC(V)) with a minimum of 60% in three fundamental subjects including English and Mathematics; and a minimum of 70% in four vocational subjects


If you obtained your matric before 2008:

  • a Senior Certificate (SC) with degree endorsement; and a minimum of 50% (D) in English; OR
  • the STADIO Higher Certificate in Pre-School Education (NQF Level 5); OR
  • the STADIO Diploma in Grade R Teaching (NQF Level 6); OR 
  • a Higher Certificate (NQF Level 5), Advanced Certificate (NQF Level 6) or Diploma (NQF Level 6) in the field of:
    • Education; OR 

    • Early Childhood Development N4-N6 (National N Diploma); OR

    • Adult Basic Education (ABET Level 5)


In addition, applicants will be required to submit a Teaching Affidavit with their application. You may download it HERE and submit upon application.



Recognition of prior learning may lead to entry or an advanced credit standing at the discretion of the School.



Candidates who do not meet the requirements for degree studies listed above, but who have reached the ages of 23 or 45 respectively, may apply for Mature Age Exemption via the USAF Matriculation Board under the following conditions:

  • Candidates who have reached/will reach the age of 23 during the first year of registration and who have achieved a Senior Certificate with a pass in at least four subjects, including one of the official languages experience and including one subject on Higher Grade; OR
  • Candidates who have reached the age of 45 before or during the first year of registration.




Due to the language requirements of the Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching, you can currently only enrol in this qualification if you have passed one of the following home languages and first additional languages at Grade 12 or NQF Level4:

  • Afrikaans
  • English
  • IsiXhosa
  • isiZulu
  • Sepedi
  • Setswana
  • Xitsonga

Please note: Your home language choice must be the same as your home language passed in matric (or at NQF Level 4). Students who take English Home Language cannot also take English First Additional Language and must choose a different First Additional Language. Students who do not take English Home Language must take English First Additional Language.


STADIO is committed to achieving inclusion and to overcome barriers to access and success in higher education. Applicants who do not meet the stated admission criteria, but who have relevant work experience and/or prior learning may apply for admission under the policy on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). STADIO admits a maximum of 10% per cohort via RPL. The implementation of RPL is context-specific, in terms of discipline, programme and level.  Further information may be obtained from your Student Recruitment Advisor.



  • Academic Literacy

  • Arts Education 1: Visual

  • Beginning Knowledge

  • Early Childhood Development Studies

  • English First Additional Language 1 OR Afrikaans First Additional Language 1 OR isiXhosa First Additional Language 1 OR isiZulu First Additional Language 1 OR Sepedi First Additional Language 1 OR Setswana First Additional Language 1

  • English Home Language 1 OR Afrikaans Home Language 1 OR isiXhosa Home Language 1 OR isiZulu Home Language 1 OR Sepedi Home Language 1 OR Setswana Home Language 1 OR Xitsonga Home Language 1

  • Grade R Teaching

  • Information and Communication Technology for Education

  • Teaching Practice 1


  • Education Theory and Practice 2

  • Educational Psychology 1

  • English First Additional Language for Foundation Phase 2 OR Afrikaans First Additional Language for Foundation Phase 2 OR isiXhosa First Additional Language for Foundation Phase 2 OR isiZulu First Additional Language for Foundation Phase 2 OR Sepedi First Additional Language for Foundation Phase 2 OR Setswana First Additional Language for Foundation Phase 2 

  • English Home Language for Foundation Phase 2 OR  Afrikaans Home Language for Foundation Phase 2 OR isiXhosa Home Language for Foundation Phase 2 OR isiZulu Home Language for Foundation Phase 2 OR Sepedi Home Language for Foundation Phase 2 OR Setswana Home Language for Foundation Phase 2 OR Xitsonga Home Language for Foundation Phase 2

  • Inclusive Education 1

  • Literacy English Home Language 1 OR Literacy Afrikaans Home Language 1 OR Literacy isiXhosa Home Language 1 OR Literacy isiZulu Home Language 1 OR Literacy Sepedi Home Language 1 OR Literacy Setswana Home Language 1 OR Literacy Xitsonga Home Language 1

  • Mathematics for Foundation Phase 1

  • Sociopedagogics

  • Teaching Practice 2



  • Arts Education 2: Music and Movement

  • Inclusive Education 2

  • Literacy English First Additional Language

  • Literacy English Home Language 2 OR Literacy Afrikaans Home Language 2 OR Literacy isiXhosa Home Language 2 OR Literacy isiZulu Home Language 2 OR Literacy Sepedi Home Language 2 OR Literacy Setswana Home Language 2 OR Literacy Xitsonga Home Language 2

  • Literacy Afrikaans First Additional Language OR Literacy isiXhosa First Additional Language OR Literacy isiZulu First Additional Language OR Literacy Sepedi First Additional Language OR Literacy Setswana First Additional Language

  • Mathematics for Foundation Phase 2

  • Natural Science and Technology Education

  • Physical Education and Sport

  • Social Sciences: Geography

  • Teaching Practice 3


  • Curriculum Design

  • Education and Diversity

  • Educator & the Law

  • Educational Psychology 2

  • Introduction to Research

  • Institutional Teaching Practice 4

  • Language Conversational Afrikaans OR Language Conversational isiXhosa OR Language Conversational isiZulu OR Language Conversational Sign Language OR Language Conversational Sepedi OR Language Conversational Setswana OR Language Conversational Xitsonga

  • Mathematics for Foundation Phase 3

  • School-based Teaching Practice 4

  • School Management

  • Social Sciences: History


Students who choose English Home Language will have to do Literacy isiZulu First Additional Language LZA302 OR Literacy Afrikaans First Additional LAA302 (12 credits) in the third year to comply with the language requirements as specified in the Minimum Requirements for Teacher Education Qualifications, February 2015.


Once you have graduated, you can register with the SACE to become a Foundation Phase Teacher. 





Do you require more information? Leave your details below and a student advisor will be in touch. Thank you.