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STADIO sets to empower students beyond graduation

STADIO’s higher education vision is in full effect with the launch of the STADIO Khulisa Student Share Scheme, announced recently at the institution’s graduation on 19 October 2021.

In a revolutionary move that will kick-start the real-life journeys for its students beyond graduation, the institution has purchased STADIO Holdings shares for their postgraduate class of 2021. The students will receive their shares upon their graduation, as well as access to a share portfolio managed by Investec Share Plan Services (Investec). Both Investec and the JSE Investor Services will provide further support for the graduates in their new investment journey.

Wealth creation is a relevant topic in the current South African climate and according to 1Life Generational Wealth survey, most young working South Africans don’t have access to generational wealth. Studies have found that only 39% of the population understand what it means or know how to create generational wealth. An outstanding 80% of youth feel it’s necessary to start their families’ financial legacies, yet they don’t have the means and/or support.

Chris Vorster, CEO of STADIO Holdings believes, “the time for us as an institution to do something incredible for the South African youth is now. We remain committed to empowering our students, firstly through the provision of quality and affordable qualifications that are aligned with the world of work and sought after by their respective industries. Secondly, by partnering with our graduates as owners of our institution, supporting them by investing in their initial steps to leaving a legacy for their families.”

“For many students, the idea of investing on the JSE is something for ‘business people’ and is a world beyond their reach”, says Dr Divya Singh, STADIO Chief Academic Officer, “STADIO is making this world accessible to its students and will also provide short-learning courses on the basics of investing, amongst other things, to further upskill our graduates”. 

STADIO places its students at the heart of its ethos by prioritizing their success and solidifying their commitment to student centric systems.

Khulisa means “to grow or foster the development of a person or community” and the STADIO Khulisa Student Share Scheme is the stepping-stone into a world where generational wealth may become more attainable.


DATE: November 2021 | DISCLAIMER: The content of this blog is accurate at the time of publication. STADIO reserves the right to change the content due to changes in legislation, as well as for market requirements and other reasons.