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The Fashion Industry in Southern Africa is growing at an increasing rate. Government is supporting localized production, customers are looking for locally produced goods and retailers are trying to do their buying locally as well. This opens up room for conversation on what this growth means for the industry. Aligned to the 2030 Masterplan published by the DTI, we will be exploring the following topic in our annual Spring sessions this year: SA 2030 MASTERPLAN: Localised Fashion


In the visual below you can see a quick outline of the vision, objectives and key pillars of the masterplan for some context: 



Here are the registration links for each of the sessions – the link contains the information for each session: 


7 September: Localised Fashion Sustainability

15 September: Local Fashion Production

19 September: Local Digital Fashion

28 September: Local Fashion Retail

12 October: Local Fashion Textiles

29 October: Localised Fashion Thinking