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Here are the registration links for each of the sessions:


23 November 2023 | African Fashion Futures: Technology & Production - Register here

What does the future of African fashion hold in terms of technology and production? How will we integrate new technologies and what affect will it have on how fashion is produced and consumed? We dig into these topics and open the discussion with our local experts. Click on the link to register your seat and join us for the discussion which promises to expand our understanding of what is possible in the coming years of fashion. 

27 September 2023 | Evolving Fashion Trends & Aesthetics - Register here

This session will feature discussions on the current and future fashion trends that will dominate the local scene and where they originate from. This session features fashionistas and experts who know what’s trending and demonstrate a finer understanding of the zeitgeist’s aesthetics (or alternatively phrased, our shared collective and individual response to beauty, which frames our perspectives around culture and fashion). What will the trends of 2024 hold?

4 October 2023 | Fashion Africa Online - Register here

This session’s discussions will focus on the growth of African fashion in online spaces and the evolving retail sector in that sphere. Social media plays its part in boosting and hyping fashion brands, with the ability to drive buzz that we could only previously have thought possible for more prominent brands. E-tailing for niche brands provides considerable marketing opportunities, but does South Africa offer appropriate infrastructure for these brands to gain a significant shopping footprint? What limitations do local brands face in growing their markets and customer base and what opportunities are being created with new online techniques and systems? We consult local experts in social media and e-commerce to provide us context.

11 October 2023 | African Fashion: Manufacturing & Resources - Register here

The South African fashion manufacturing sector is a dynamic and evolving industry that plays a pivotal role in the country's economy. Known for its unique blend of traditional African craftsmanship and contemporary design, this sector is a vibrant tapestry of creativity and innovation. With that said, we know that the sector faces many obstacles that often pose wicked challenges to local producers and creators. We discuss these at our third 2023 Spring Session.

18 October 2023 | Future of African Retail - Register here

We present Spring Session #4, where we discuss the future of African retail, including the rise of hybrid shopping as an after-effect of the pandemic. South Africa’s economy is seemingly stagnating, but what do the trends hold for the future of African retail? Some experts within the industry highlight the potential for expanding South African brands into other African markets. We also consider the rise of new manufacturing models such as near-shoring (producing locally) and the integration of digital technologies to present new growth opportunities in the fashion retail space.

25 October 2023 | The Rise of African Fashion - Register here

The rise of South African fashion has been a captivating journey, driven by a fusion of cultural diversity and creative innovation. Emerging from a history of apartheid, South African fashion has evolved to celebrate its rich heritage, with designers infusing traditional elements into contemporary designs. Global recognition has grown, thanks to designers like Laduma Ngxokolo, Thebe Magugu and David Tlale, who have showcased their talent on international runways. Additionally, the country's unique textiles, like Shweshwe and Ankara, have gained popularity globally. South African fashion's ascent signifies a powerful narrative of resilience, diversity, and creativity, making it an influential force in the global fashion landscape. Join us in celebrating the rise of African fashion by clicking on the link to register your seat. 


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