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On 26 October 2022 STADIO Higher Education will celebrate two years as a new Private Higher Education Institution on the back of continued growth in student numbers and our academic offering.

Following the launch of STADIO Higher Education two years ago, we look back at a challenging yet incredibly rewarding process of change management and process consolidation which has seen four Higher Education institutions consolidate into a new united and remarkable entity which has made a significant impact on the Southern African education landscape.

At STADIO, we believe in the future of our nation and our message has resonated profoundly since our launch. We have made a difference by offering wide ranging and affordable access to private higher education, and equipping our students to become the most empowered version of themselves.

By investing in our students, lecturers, facilities and academic and support processes, we grow minds and ensure our graduates are ready for the World of Work, and that we continue attracting increased student numbers into our eight schools.

In a revolutionary move that kick-started the real-life journeys for our students beyond graduation, STADIO Higher Education purchased STADIO Holdings shares for their postgraduate class of 2021.

The STADIO Khulisa Student Share Scheme was announced at our graduation on 19 October 2021. Going forward Khulisa will see all NQF level 8 and higher postgraduate graduates receive their shares upon graduation, as well as access to a share portfolio managed by Investec Share Plan Services.

STADIO places its students at the heart of its ethos by prioritising their success and solidifying our commitment to student centric systems.

At STADIO, we believe in the future of our nation. By investing in the human potential all around us, we can grow minds, dreams and employment to ultimately benefit our nation as a whole.

We take a profound interest in what our students want, and what our country and the world of work needs. We offer higher education specially designed to meet industry requirements and to accommodate our students' diverse lifestyles.

We have an opportunity to not just help individuals realise their dreams, but to help a nation grow stronger.

STADIO Holdings has brought together six highly prestigious institutions – Southern Business School, Embury Institute for Higher Education, LISOF, Prestige Academy, AFDA and Milpark Higher Education – with a collective experience of over 100 years in providing quality, affordable higher education.

Milpark and AFDA remain as separate entities, while the other four institutions have been consolidated into STADIO Higher Education. STADIO Higher Education is proud to offer more than 50 accredited qualifications in eight schools via contact, distance and blended learning, across nine campuses, to over 42 000 students.

Last year we opened our new state-of-the-art Centurion mega campus on which three schools are currently housed. The campus has capacity to serve more than 5000 students.

We are looking forward to the addition of a number of additional academic schools to this campus in the near future to make the Centurion Campus our first truly multi-faculty, multi-school and multi-mode campus.

The STADIO campus ecosystem is home to award winning academics geared to ensure students have the best teaching and learning experience and student support teams dedicated to creating and supporting student success.

The one aspect the STADIO Group remains true to in all instances, is the student. Without our students, we do not have a business and therefore we continue to focus primarily on ensuring our service levels to our students remain best in class.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent support and service. We ensure that our students are important and valued while keeping things simple and focussing on what’s important.

We take a profound interest in what our students need, and what our country and the world of work needs. We offer higher education specifically designed to not just help individuals realise their dreams, but to help a nation grow.

For more information on our range of academic qualifications, go to www.stadio.ac.za


DATE: 7 October 2022  |  DISCLAIMER: The content of this blog is accurate at the time of publication. STADIO reserves the right to change the content due to changes in legislation, as well as for market requirements and other reasons.