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In January 2024, STADIO, a premier institution in South Africa, formed a significant partnership with the Project Management Institute (PMI) South Africa Chapter by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. This partnership opens new opportunities for STADIO students who are interested in project management, including student memberships that provide access to a wealth of resources. This membership provides access to a wide range of resources that can help students enhance their knowledge and skills in project management. From webinars and articles to academic materials and podcasts, students can leverage these resources to stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in the field.

Benefits for students

As PMI student members, STADIO students can access essential textbooks for project management modules in their study program. Students can stay updated on the latest trends and developments in project management, connect with industry experts and professionals, and gain valuable insights and knowledge that can help them further their careers. The opportunity to access online courses at reduced rates is particularly beneficial as it allows students to acquire new skills that are highly valued in the job market.

Commitment to excellence

STADIO Higher Education is dedicated to ensuring its graduates are work-ready and highly sought after. This collaboration underscores the commitment of STADIO and PMI South Africa Chapter to excellence in project management education and continuous professional development. By leveraging PMI’s expertise and resources, STADIO aims to enhance the quality of its project management programs and better prepare its students for real-world challenges.

Launch of PMI South Africa Chapter Student Club

In May 2024, STADIO launched the prestigious PMI South Africa Chapter Student Club at its Bellville and Centurion campuses. The club, one of only three in Africa, offers students hands-on project management experience and networking opportunities with peers, professionals, and experts globally. Engaging in social impact projects and interacting with industry leaders can lead to valuable connections, mentorship, and job opportunities. By interacting with individuals who share a passion for project management, students can expand their knowledge, learn from each other's experiences, and stay updated on industry trends and developments.

Becoming a member of Project Management Institute South Africa

If you wish to become a member of the institute, you can pay a certain annual membership fee. It is best to join as a member at the beginning of the year to maximise all the benefits available to you. You can become a member by emailing the program coordinator for project management at the start of the year, inquiring about joining and accessing any group discounts that may be available. This can be a cost-effective way to become a member and enjoy the perks that come with it.

The group discount is dependent on having a minimum number of ten students keen to join as PMI South Africa Chapter local members. Once the program coordinator has registered you as a PMI member with the group discount, you will also register for PMI South Africa Chapter and you will then be entitled to access any academic material such as textbooks, articles, webinars, and online courses offered to you. By accessing this membership, you can join the Student Club at either Bellville or Centurion. If you do not want to take advantage of the group discount, then you may join anytime as a PMI member individually.

The Importance of Becoming a PMI South African Local Chapter Member

Your local PMI chapter connects you with fellow project management professionals, providing opportunities to enhance your knowledge and expertise through workshops, seminars, and collaborative events. By actively participating in your PMI chapter, you’ll also contribute to the growth and development of your local community by sharing your project management insights and volunteering in social good activities.

You are only able to join the PMI South Africa Chapter when you join PMI global. This means that in addition to all the benefits you will have as a PMI member, you will also be able to join the STADIO PMI South Africa Student Club. The club offers an opportunity for members to collaborate among themselves as students, STADIO and PMI South Africa Chapter. By engaging in real-life projects through the club, you will learn how to plan and manage project that are aligned with the global standards set by PMI. The student club will get support from a dedicated person from PMI South Africa Chapter.

The cost

The cost varies each year, and group discounts are available. You can contact the Programme Coordinator for project management, Miss Bhavisha Jaga, for more information you require, [email protected].

To see more information about learning how to register as a PMI member and PMI South Africa Chapter member, please see the MyProgram page for project management for a video HERE.