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The School of Information Technology's objective is to advance innovation and engaging practical experiences for our students in the field of information technology. Additionally, the School of Information Technology seeks to promote the notion of lifelong scholarship by teaching students how to apply and future proof technology to solve organizational problems.

Students will develop a diverse set of skills, including the ability to design and develop IT solutions using cutting-edge technologies; plan, implement, and administer complex information systems; identify and analyse business problems; devise, communicate, negotiate, and coordinate technology-enabled solutions; manage complex technology acquisitions; and customise and integrate technology. We produce industry-ready students as a result of extensive input from industry while establishing and developing course content.

The School of IT offers the following:

The Bachelor of Information Technology in Web Design and Development is unique in its own right. It contains a wide array of specialised technical courses that help students evolve into something akin to a full-stack developer capable of performing many tasks. Businesses appreciate this because it eliminates the need for two or three additional staff.

The BITW programme will prepare students to work in one of the fastest expanding sectors of the creative industry by teaching them the latest industry standard and cutting-edge web development technology. All individuals, companies, and organisations rely on data for effective decision-making. The programme was built on foundational, conceptual, and applied competency.

The School of Information Technology also offers short learning programmes. Microsoft Azure courses prepare students to accomplish both practical and theoretical tasks required by industry, as well as to pass international examinations.

Mr Greg Grant, the IT lecturer in the short learning programme, states that “The lecturing team at the School of IT holds the necessary international certifications, including Microsoft and Linux, and has years of industry experience. Students are prepared for international theory exams through lectures, and more crucially, they are educated to do the essential practical assignments”. Mr Heinrich Kasner, the lecturer in web development agrees and states that “Most of our students also get offered jobs yearly with the company they work with when doing Work Based Learning. This proves that Work Based Learning is managed very well at STADIO”.

Mr Charles du Toit, programme coordinator in the School of IT states that “Students that partake in the work-based learning are asked to come back by those companies as the employers can see the value of the students and their practical skills. Because the qualifications are built on what is needed by industry all students should find work with their qualification and their practical skills developed during their studies at Stadio. Every student can be used as an example of success. We have multiple students that have started their own companies, IT directors, IT managers. Students that have gone overseas to practice their skills. Head of IT at Lindt South Africa, owner of Interworks ISP and IT manager at Inuka”.


Our programmes are truly unique and are tailored to generate students who are employable and prepared to enter the workforce. It's a totally unique package bundle that no one else offers. Careers in a variety of IT specialisations enable you to contribute to new economic and social growth.  Visit our website www.stadio.ac.za and apply today!