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Architecture and spatial design creates the backdrop to our lives. Whether it be a garden or a gallery; a dining room or a dance club; a sandpit or a city square; the design of these environments influence our experiences. In these constructed spaces we find love, wipe tears, enjoy art, and make memories. Through studying and producing architecture and spatial design you can help bring quality to the lives of individuals, families and communities. Creative problem-solving, technological experimentation and collaboration skills are developed to find innovative solutions to common problems, and those not yet imagined. Our students question and explore, they test ideas in real-world contexts, and they carefully consider the impact of their design decisions on communities and the planet. 

Our students learn that the way we build and with what we build, the urban spaces and systems we design, how we grow and transport our food, education, and society - all aspects of our lives are intertwined. At the School of Architecture and Spatial Design, we believe that we need to engage with our environment from a regenerative design perspective, which means design that restores, moving beyond mere sustainable design, which maintains.  To this end, we embrace ecosystem thinking, recognising that in the design of habitable spaces – whether it is a room, a building, a street, a neighbourhood, a town, or a whole region – nothing happens in isolation. Everything is connected.  Students at the school are encouraged to embrace and apply this thinking, contributing to them becoming well-rounded, progressive citizens who can make a difference in society. 

The vision of the STADIO School of Architecture and Spatial Design is to teach and practice from a socio-technical, regenerative perspective with hands-on, experiential learning opportunities, flexible participation options and strong connections to industry and the professions. Design projects in the School of Architecture and Spatial Design will not be limited to the on-campus studio, but will, where possible, be located in real-world contexts. We support inclusion, equity, and diversity. We do this through student selection and support, curriculum and course content, and hybrid and flexible learning and teaching methodologies. At the STADIO School of Architecture and Spatial Design, we aspire to be locally-oriented, globally-relevant and future-focused.