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Geometry: A Conceptual Approach for Intermediate Phase Teachers

Qualification / Course Information

Minimum Duration:

Six months or 25 contact hours.

Minimum Credits:

15 SACE PD points upon successful completion


Contact Learning


Musgrave (Durban), Centurion (Pretoria) & Waterfall (Midrand)


The course covers defining angles, naming and measuring angles. Definition of polygons, constructing a pentagon from a circle and working with quadrilaterals (square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezium, rhombus and kite) and the need for classifying shapes. Learning about geometric properties allows learners to develop concepts, and explore the skills to draw, identify, analyse and describe 3-dimensional figures.

Through practical experiences the learners will be able to utilise higher order thinking skills of evaluation, synthesis and analysis. Learners discover relationships between 2- and 3- dimensional figures, work with identifying, comparing, sorting, and classifying figures according to their basic properties. They will draw, build models and make links between 2- and 3-dimensional figures. An understanding of transformational geometry is provided together with a knowledge of symmetry, translation, reflection, rotation, dilation and isometry. Finally, the course includes a conceptual understanding of measurement and closes with a basic understanding of Euclidian Geometry.



  • Unit 1: Construct lines, line segments, rays, angles (right, acute and obtuse) and perpendicular and parallel lines.

  • Unit 2: Classify 2-dimensional figures based on their properties.

  • Unit 3: Analyse characteristics and properties of 2- and 3- dimensional geometric figures and develop mathematical arguments about geometric relationships.

  • Unit 4: Apply transformations and use symmetry to analyse mathematical problems.

  • Unit 5: Understand and apply measurements which are length, area and volume.

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