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Movement Play for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children

Qualification / Course Information

Minimum Duration:

5 Saturdays / Block Sessions / 25 Contact Hours

Minimum Credits:

15 SACE PD points upon successful completion.


Contact Learning


Musgrave (Durban), Centurion (Pretoria) & Waterfall (Midrand)


The course will equip crèche-based practitioners and teacher assistants to design and implement physical activities for the key developmental stages of babies, toddlers and young children and will also develop their critical awareness and understanding of children's physical and motor abilities and the unique needs and abilities required for the development of children's large and small muscles. In this CPTD short course, you will also be made aware of the challenges of Physical Education in the Education System in the light of lifestyle-diseases. You will gain an understanding of the physiological benefits of regular physical activities as part of a lifestyle. We will also expose you to fun practical activities that include skills demonstration in the assessment and evaluation of the baby, toddler and young children’s learning and performance.

This course is aligned to the CAPS and the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) and will provide you with the necessary support and equip you with the tools and techniques to be able to facilitate active learning and promote healthy development among children. The course is uniquely designed to assist you as a practitioner in addressing the needs of children in your care with greater confidence and will contribute towards your professional development as an educator.


  • Unit 1 Movement-play and its influence on Young Children’s Development

  • Unit 2 Implementing a Movement-play-based Curriculum for Children from Birth to Five Years of Age

  • Unit 3 Movement-play for Children with Impairments

  • Unit 4 Practical Assessments

  • Unit 5 Practical Assessments

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