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Natural Science and Technology in the Intermediate Phase: Life and Living

Qualification / Course Information

Minimum Duration:

Six months or 25 contact hours.

Minimum Credits:

15 SACE PD points upon successful completion.


Contact Learning


Musgrave (Durban), Centurion (Pretoria) & Waterfall (Midrand)


The purpose of this course is to stimulate scientific and technological inquiry in the area of life sciences. It is intended that the sessions will equip teachers with both content and practical knowledge and skills to teach the strands of life and living and structures in natural science and technology in the intermediate phase.

Teachers will be equipped with both the foundational and conceptual knowledge to facilitate learning in the designated area of natural science and technology. Moreover, the course intends to harness the development of a scientific attitude by assisting teachers to make critical observations so as to contribute to unbiased and impartial thinking. Further, the course aims to increase teacher understanding of living systems and to allow them to consider the systems in relationship to the self and other organisms in the natural environment.


  • Unit 1: Living and non-living things

  • Unit 2: Structure of plants and animals

  • Unit 3: Habitats of animals and structures for animals' shelters

  • Unit 4: Growth and Development

  • Unit 5: Interdependence in Ecosystems

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